Sonic Dressup

Sonic dress up is a game where you pick your character and dress them up with the best outfit. In this game you are playing a character designer who gets a human structure without any features like eyes, mouth, ears and nose and you choose the ones which make them look best. The game menu contains all the body parts which appear as soon as you click on the feature buttons and you are just expected to pick and put them where they are supposed to be. The body features provided are in different textures and colors, and change to different designs when the arrows on the sides are clicked. You can put on shoes for your character plus make them look much funny by giving it a tail.

You are also able to give your character a name by simply typing the preferred word on the space indicated. If you don’t like the background that the character is in, you can change it through the given options. The features are also designed for all the moods like happiness and anger. You are able to do away with your current project and start a new one or change the features by resetting. The option of random dressing is also available is you might fight the whole process of designing cumbersome. After doing everything needed you can finish by writing your credentials which may include your name and other things you would like people to know about you.

Throughout the game use a mouse and left click to perform the different tasks. Right clicking however gives you many other options which include zooming in and out, choosing the preferred quality and printing. It also gives the options of playing, rewinding and forwarding in case you create a motion character.

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