Sonic Island

Sonic on the island is the ultimate game that will stir all arcade game lovers.

The game itself is awesome. Enjoy the splendid graphical works. Sonic is back. This time round, he is on an island. This game demands concentration of the highest degree. Speed here is another punch line. Move fast, in fact, at a supersonic speed. Any hesitation or delay will automatically affect your progress during the game. Time and speed go hand in hand. The shorter the time it takes you to finish the game, the more the points you scoop.

More time taken to complete playing the game translates to fewer points. A focused mind is all that is expected of you.

There are several stages in this game.

You have to guide Sonic through all the levels. As you move from one stage to another, the game equally takes a new look. Each stage presents a new and typical challenge.

More enemies emerge, higher speed is needed and you have to be on the lookout for any possible threats or dangers around or ahead.

Obstacles here are meant to obstruct your progress and reduce your speed.

You need to be careful enough to avoid them.

Fight monsters and kill them. If you kill them faster and more easily, you earn bonus points. Dodge all the objects that are thrown at you. Preserve the lives you have in order to survive the game.

If you lose all your lives, the game comes to an end.

Use direction arrow keys for controls. Move to the left by pressing the Left arrow key.

Press the Right arrow key to go to the right.

If you want to attack monsters, press the Spacebar key.

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