Sonic Memory Game

In sonic memory match you are required to find and match identical couples. You should first check pictures which are facing the opposite side and be able to memorize which ones look alike. The faster you manage to identify them the more the points you get. When you click on identical pictures they will automatically disappear leaving you with the ones which are yet to be identified. Only two pictures can show at a time and therefore when you click on the third, the two you clicked earlier on will face their initial position. The game also gets more challenging as you continue to the next levels which are more complex than the first level. The total game score as well as the level score will be shown at the end of each level as you proceed. The game score shows the points you get depending on the number of times you click on the wrong pictures while the level score depends on the amount of time taken at a specific level. The numbers of pictures increase with the levels from four to higher numbers such as twenty and above, and are of the same images put in different positions thus more challenging.

You are able to keep track of the remaining time, the score and level which are shown on the screen from the start and during the game. The game ends when you take longer than the allocated time to figure out the two identical pictures of which you can also choose to start the same level again or do a new game. The menu has a button for reducing the soundtrack volume which makes it convenient for any environment.

Use the mouse tom click on the displayed pictures so as to be able to see the hidden side of it.

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