Sonic Puzzle

Play Sonic Games offer you a variety of free online games which you can play directly on your browser. On this page, you will play the game Sonic Puzzle, one of our best games of Sonic the Hedgehog! Again a small puzzle to achieve with the main theme … becomes … Sonic and yes! In this fantastic game, you have to assemble a puzzle dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends of Sonic team. The game features all of the most unforgettable characters from the Sonic team which are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. You have no time limit to finish the game but still try not to stay too above.

Play this fun and relaxing online game where you have to use the mouse of the computer to fix all the pieces of the picture in the correct positions, and make a big picture. Make it easy by arranging the pieces from outside the board. This technique is useful because it allows you to arrange the pieces from the corners and then fill the center part. But you do what you want; you are the only master on board!

There are a whooping 48 pieces of the puzzle which you need to arrange accordingly to move to the next level. Each time you arrange the pieces you see a nice picture from the Sonic the Hedgehog game. There are different levels in the game and each new level will bring in additional difficulties. The game is nice to play, but needs a little patience to arrange the pieces together. People get confused in solving the puzzle click on the voir le puzzle on the left bottom side of the screen to see the picture which you are trying to make. The game can be good to the kids as it keeps them engaged thereby enhancing mental abilities. Start playing the game now and see how good you are in solving puzzles.

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