Sonic Shorts Volume 5

At Play Sonic Games you can play variety of free online games directly through your browser. Sonic shots are collection of flash animations, and if you have not watched the Sonic shorts volume 5 then you can watch it here at Play Sonic Games. It is an entertaining flash animation about sonic and his whole team collectively. Everyone is aware of Sonic the hedgehog, one of the fastest characters in gaming, which is seen in this volume also. The animation game is developed by a team of experts from Newgrounds. You do not have to use keyboard and mouse as it is an animation game. There are tons of new animated shorts and bloopers of Sonic! The game consists of 19 hilarious and extraordinary animations of the fastest hedgehog in the world. Dozens of amazing animations which are mind-blowing and awesome so you can expect many surprises as well.

It depends on you to choose whether you want to have the walkthrough of the animation game at one shot or one by one. You can choose from menu, and can go through the entire animation by clicking play shorts and all the 19 animation singly or one by one by clicking scene select. The game has really nice animations and sounds; all credit goes to the Newgrounds team.

So start you journey and experience the terrific adventure with Sonic the hedgehog and go through the exploratory ride with him. You will find many different characters as the game progresses. The game favors more towards the liking of the kids, because as we all know that kids love animations/cartoons so to see their favorite gaming character in an animation game really does please them. Still not watched the volume 5, go ahead and watch the animation to check all the actions that happens with Sonic the Hedgehog. Enjoy and happy watching!

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