Sonic Sky Chase

You take the role on as Sonic and you take part in a mission to stop Robotnik who are trying to get away. The object of the game is that you need to bring them back. Robotniks are escaping into the badnik filled skys, so you need to chase them through the four stages and get them out of it. If you manage to defeat Robotniks at any particular time, the game will start again but with more challenging and faster badniks.

The Robotniks come from different levels in the sky even though they come from one direction which is from the right hand side to the left when you are directly facing the computer screen. For you to catch the Robotniks you must jump no matter how close you are to them. The higher the number of Robotniks caught the more points you get. The Robotniks should be slightly above Sonic’s head so that it’s easier for you to catch them. That means you have to be fast enough in order to get more points.

When a Robotnik is caught it disappears instantly but does affect the speed of plane sonic is in because you are able to move in any direction. The timing should be strategic because you can only jump once to catch a single Robotnik. It’s however important to take note of the life that sonic has been given so as to know whether you are on the right truck or not. The life bar is shown on the screen together with the score button. When the life bar empties it means Sonic’s life is ending and the game ends when it’s finally empty.

To move upwards use the up key, downwards the down key, left the left key and right the right key. The space bar also assists when you want to jump.

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