Sonic Smash Brothers

Call it the deadly battle and you get exactly that in Sonic Smash Brothers.

This is a fantastic skill game like no other. It is very addictive and packed with a lot of fun. More adventures and actions are featured in this game. Here, you decide almost everything right from the characters to the difficulty level. You can select any of the four game modes available. You can go for practice, adventure, challenge or single modes. In this game you have the freedom to choose your hero, could be our favorite blue superman. Or rather, from among many other video game characters of Sonic the Hedgehog- Knuckles, Sonic or Tails. Also optional is the number of lives to challenge. These range from one to five.

One is easier to deal with. Go for more if you want to face a bigger challenge. You can also decide on the level of difficulty from one to ten. It all depends on your ability and preparedness.

After identifying your favorite player, drag the round sign then drop it on your choice.

The adventure mode provides for a story sort of setting. You emerge the ultimate champion after completing all the stages.

The controls are easily manipulated to perform the desired task.

To jump, press the Up arrow key. Crouch by pressing the Down arrow key. To move or run to the right, press the Right arrow key. Press the Left arrow key in order to move or run to the left. To execute an attack, press the Spacebar. Use both spacebar and Down arrow keys in combination to block. On your mark, ready …

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