Sonic Vs Knuckles

We at Play Sonic Games have a wide range of online games which you can play in your browser for free. Sonic vs. Knuckles is an exciting and refreshing game to play and have great graphics for an awesome viewing experience. The real Sonic adventure can really be seen in this game. As we all know that sonic the hedgehog is amongst the fastest gaming characters, and that surely reflects in this game. You have to complete the different levels and the difficulty level keeps on increasing as you move further.

This is a thrilling game in which you have to use the arrow keys to move and shift key to jump. As the game starts move to the right and start collecting the rings. The sonic is given three lives in the game so try to protect sonic from the knuckles that come your way. If you hit them and you have not collected the rings you will lose one life and start again. Collect as many as rings as possible because that is only chance of survival despite of you hitting the knuckles. You have to be very precise about your jumping because a wrong jump can take you into the pit and you will lose one life. As you move further in the game you will find a lot of exciting things which will allow you to stick to the game.

As the game advances you have to run through the levels, avoid the enemies and most importantly collect the rings. The game goes in a flash so you are fully occupied in it with a great hand and eye co-ordination. Start playing the game now to try and protect Sonic from the knuckles and help him. Be watchful about the pits and the enemies so that you can finish the game easily. Enjoy and happy playing!

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